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  • Full immersion into the rich portal of Costa Rican adventures, unlike any other typical tourist experience.
  • Exciting memories and stories that you will carry for a lifetime
  • Newly founded friendships and soul family
  • Unbounded Inner Discovery

Unique Experience

We have spent years vetting the best local guides, drivers, unique accommodations, and private activities for the most incredible Costa Rica exploration that will ever be available to you as an outsider.

You will be guided onto private properties for excursions that are not open to the public and typical tourism; only years of relationship building and mutual trust with locals affords this level of transparency to the real secret unknown gems found all over this magical country.

Women's Adventure

This “singles” adventure is neither geared towards matchmaking nor a party-style experience. Happy hour & social mingling with and without alcoholic beverages are part of the itinerary, but we require HIGH-LEVEL self-responsibility to honor the safety and comfort of everyone present. We ask that you fully show up to each day with clear minds and pure life force energy ready to dive deep and explore!


Accommodations range from affluent comforts to “glamping style” jungle immersion cabins. You will be fed abundantly, with 3 local-style meals a day, plus fruit, snacks and a delicious variety of beverages. We’ve let no detail go unnoticed, and if we have missed something we have an incredible team prepared to take it on.


"I have never felt so seen, so comfortable, and so held as I did on this experience. The ability for me to find my true reflection of my own soul was so healing. I remembered who I truly am at my core."

- Eve

"Truly transformational work of the soul. I never thought I could see myself and my body through a less in such a raw, vulnerable, beautiful & powerful way. The magic of this experience allowed me to see myself for what I truly am, imperfections, darkness, beauty, light, and all! I love myself...my true, vulnerable powerful self."

- Fabiola

"Thank you so much for guiding us on this experience. Thank you for seeing "us" - both my physical self and my soul self, and for helping us to meet each other again, and connect through the journey you guided us through."

- Qadryah

"Spiritual and psychic gifts are a bit of a slippery slope to speak to, and I like to say I am open-minded, I am also quick at discerning when a practitioner is operating from spirit or from ego. And it is absolutely my honor to provide testimony to my experience that Kristen is absolutely in-tune with her gifts. She is consistently able to speak to what I sense/experience when working together. She has provided connections and pathways for me that are “non-linear” yet entirely pragmatic. Her gift is to channel and sense, and guide and she does it with loving grace and peace. She absolutely operates from a place of service and experience.

- Phil

“This experience is incredibly amazing. You are able to be yourself, your FULL self, without shame. In fact, because the facilitators are so comfortable in their own goddess selves, they transmit that comfort to me. They exude love and warmth but are full of fire all at the same time. I felt completely comfortable bringing out my own fierceness and TRUE self to be captured in real life and remembered forever. Thank you!”

- Jenny

God put Kristen on my path, and it's been one of the best things that's happened in my life. Before I worked with Kristen I didn’t understand how my childhood wounds were affecting my life. I felt worthless & angry all the time. I've healed so many things inside me and I'm so much happier. I used to believe that life happened to me, and that I didn’t have any control, but now I've learned how to love myself, see all the gifts that I have, and how I can create a better life simply by the way I think. I believe in myself now and see all the possibilities. I'm learning from every aspect of my life every day, and my whole world has been transformed.

- Johnny