Shamanic awakening experiences infused with

the medicine of nature & epic adventure.

Curated for heart-centered beings,

guided by purpose & fueled by passion.

Trips are all designed, implemented and supervised by highly sought after professional experts in various fields related to travel, tourism & group transport, transformational events & group retreats, personal & spiritual growth, safe-accelerated emotional healing, nature & wildlife, and moderate to extreme outdoor adventure and safety.

Soul Activation Adventures™ are so much more than transformation trips.
They are truly…
Life-Changing Experiences.


Kristen Watts

Original Founder & CEO of Soul Activation Adventures™, The Wind-Guided Woman™, Raising Happy™, Wise Mother Circles™, and Divine Art Photography™ Kristen Watts (aka Shama Ma’Osa), has been living, learning, operating from and teaching in the spiritual-personal growth & transformation space for over 25 years.

An eminent psycho-spiritual mentor, and highly trained mental & emotional alchemist, Kristen Watts has a fascinating and expansive history of helping humans thrive in all aspects of life. Kristen teaches several simple methods of self-mastery and healing that supports humans in their metamorphosis through spiritual awakening that she has offered across the globe through workshops, retreats and authorship.

Kristen identifies as an eternal student of life and learning how to optimize the way in which her own spirit enjoys having a human experience. She leads by example as a dynamic woman who blends all her gifts, passions and ‘pains from life lessons’ to create her dream life and shows others how to do the same. You are constantly evolving in this thing called life, and Kristen is here to show you how to expand into the most authentic & potent version of yourself day in and day out while unapologetically enjoying everything you do.

Her primary guidance helps humans recognize the strategy of ego, how to return to homebase within their highest self (their truth), and reconnect to Source (Infinite Intelligence/God/whatever the title…) in a way that reconciles doubt, pain, confusion, and uncertainty. Her gifts are guided and channeled by the wisdom of the Universe and the frequency of LOVE.

If she knows anything, the one thing Kristen knows best is that the power is in your hands. We don’t have to fit into boxes anymore. You get to break the mold; blend your drive to succeed with your purpose, your values, optimal health and service to humanity. You can create a life you love… making it a force that serves you more authentically with more joy, fulfillment, satisfaction & purpose.

Fierce, funny, full of warmth and cosmic connection, Kristen Watts is here to usher you toward the life you dream of and unfold as the both physical & spiritual being you want to witness in the mirror each day. Kristen’s spirit wisdom and playfulness holds the door open for your true essence to come out and shine!ars, Kristen is the epitome of empowerment to show up and DO YOU exactly as you want to!

Wendi Freeman

Founder and CEO of Be Bright Events™, and Co-Founder and COO of Soul Activation Adventures™, Wendi Freeman, is a rare gem of outstanding leadership in the wide realm of planning events & retreats. With impressive credentials and an accomplishment history spanning over 15 years, Wendi has orchestrated a diverse range of gatherings in her career as an event curator.

Wendi is a passionate agent for transformational and life-changing experiences in the form of in-person gatherings. No matter the size; a grand event with thousands of attendees, intimate workshops, business masterminds, or international private retreats, the artistry of Wendi’s professional expertise is masterful, to say the least.

Wendi’s creation and management skills ignite engagement, inspire change, and enhance the lives of individuals, communities, and organizations around the globe. Wendi has mastered a wide bandwidth of expertise. With a unique blend of dedication, creative prowess, efficiency, attention to detail, and professionalism she excels in crafting safe spaces that foster emotional connections, personal & spiritual growth, and community building.

No event is too big or small for Wendi and her team. From intimate gatherings to large-scale conferences with thousands of attendees. Wendi's expertise extends to curating events for speakers, entrepreneurs, non-profits, small businesses, training institutes, and corporate entities, enabling them to leverage their platforms and purpose-driven missions for continuous growth.

When she’s not working, she is outdoors enjoying nature, traveling, reading, or enjoying a nice glass of wine. Wendi lives out her purpose by creating impactful environments that facilitate positive change. Her motto of “Making a difference one event at a time” serves as a guiding principle in all of her endeavors.

Wendi’s extensive experience as both a planner and an attendee equips her with a deep understanding of her clients' purpose, vision, and desired outcomes, enabling her to translate their aspirations into a reality. As the driving force behind Be Bright Events, Wendi brings unrivaled expertise to the table. Her approach seamlessly integrates personal growth principles, innovation, mindset cultivation, and goal-setting strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client.


Fernanda is am a sound and energy healer, musician and conscious communication coach from Costa Rica.

For the past 6 years she has been dedicated to the healing arts working in collaboration with internationally renowned retreat leaders at centers like Costa Rica Yoga Spa, Bodhi Tree, Blue Spirit, Hacienda del Sol and more.

She accompanies her clients to find deeper healing, meaning, and heart-connection through sound, energy clearing and communication skills that allow them to fully integrate the healing work into their everyday life.

The experiences that she offers have been described as “heart nurturing” and “grounding”.

She guides beautifully relaxing, intentional soundbaths using singing bowls, percussion, vocals, bells and other sounds that transport the listener into their inner world.

Her mission is to help guide people back to themselves, to connect with their personal power through sound, energy and intuitive healing. She also accompanies people to learn how to cultivate emotional self-awareness and advocates for their needs with a communication style rooted in connection, care, and compassion.


Giving love through arts is Daniel's passion. Exploring music as his spiritual practice has lead him into a journey of playing over 50 instruments, which has had a deep impact on the way he uses art as a way of activism for awareness.

Uniqueness is an important part of his art, striving for ecological enhancement and creating consciousness, about topics that don't feel talked about enough. Influenced by the ancestral wisdom and sounds of the first nations of America, especially from Costa Rica, where he was born.

His music style is an eclectic combination of world music and organic folk, mostly played in acoustic strings, ethnic drumming, indigenous wind instruments, and experimental electronic rhythms.

Composing is a natural practice for his mental health. He has a need to express with beauty and to be heard, so when he feels inspired, he also uses photography and writing as his channels to communicate.


"I have never felt so seen, so comfortable, and so held as I did on this experience. The ability for me to find my true reflection of my own soul was so healing. I remembered who I truly am at my core."

- Eve

"Truly transformational work of the soul. I never thought I could see myself and my body through a less in such a raw, vulnerable, beautiful & powerful way. The magic of this experience allowed me to see myself for what I truly am, imperfections, darkness, beauty, light, and all! I love true, vulnerable powerful self."

- Fabiola

"Thank you so much for guiding us on this experience. Thank you for seeing "us" - both my physical self and my soul self, and for helping us to meet each other again, and connect through the journey you guided us through."

- Qadryah

"Spiritual and psychic gifts are a bit of a slippery slope to speak to, and I like to say I am open-minded, I am also quick at discerning when a practitioner is operating from spirit or from ego. And it is absolutely my honor to provide testimony to my experience that Kristen is absolutely in-tune with her gifts. She is consistently able to speak to what I sense/experience when working together. She has provided connections and pathways for me that are “non-linear” yet entirely pragmatic. Her gift is to channel and sense, and guide and she does it with loving grace and peace. She absolutely operates from a place of service and experience.

- Phil

“This experience is incredibly amazing. You are able to be yourself, your FULL self, without shame. In fact, because the facilitators are so comfortable in their own goddess selves, they transmit that comfort to me. They exude love and warmth but are full of fire all at the same time. I felt completely comfortable bringing out my own fierceness and TRUE self to be captured in real life and remembered forever. Thank you!”

- Jenny

God put Kristen on my path, and it's been one of the best things that's happened in my life. Before I worked with Kristen I didn’t understand how my childhood wounds were affecting my life. I felt worthless & angry all the time. I've healed so many things inside me and I'm so much happier. I used to believe that life happened to me, and that I didn’t have any control, but now I've learned how to love myself, see all the gifts that I have, and how I can create a better life simply by the way I think. I believe in myself now and see all the possibilities. I'm learning from every aspect of my life every day, and my whole world has been transformed.

- Johnny